The Taylor Haugen Trophy

An Award of Prestige and Honor

Maddie Hiers

2018 Trophy Winner

Maddie Hiers

Maddie Hiers of South Walton High School was named 2018 Taylor Haugen Trophy Winner this February in conjunction with the All Sports Association. Maddie, a member of South Walton’s Volleyball and Tennis teams excelled in the foundations 5 pillars of excellence: Faith, Community Service, Leadership, Academics, and Athletics. With an inspiring story of perseverance and faith, Maddie shared her unique high school experience in front of a room full of her peers at this year’s FCA breakfast, hosted at Northwest Florida State College.

Maddie’s story differs from many individuals due to her family’s medical troubles that were laid before her. As a sophomore, Maddie’s mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Unsure of the road ahead of her, Maddie supported, comforted, and prayed for her family through this life altering challenge. As time went on, through numerous treatments and appointments, Maddie began to witness her mom turn to The Lord more than ever before. Reaching remission, Maddie’s family thanked God for making it through the diagnosis of her mother.

Almost a year later, as a junior, Maddie’s father was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer. After their first cancer battle as a family, Maddie began to throw herself into her faith – believing that these cancer diagnosis were all a part of God’s masterful plan. With a new perspective of God’s love, Maddie has implanted his word, fullness, and unwavering love into every aspect of life. Maddie served as the team captain for her Volleyball team, involved in FCA, traveled on several mission trips through her church, excelled in academics reaching a 4.1 GPA, and spent countless hours practicing her athleticism all while sharing tremendous encouragement for her teammates. After her high school success, Maddie hopes to attend Florida State University and major in Human Development and Family Science with a miner in Psychology.

Receiving the 9th Taylor Haugen Trophy, Maddie illuminates exactly what it means to “Don’t Quit… Never Give Up”.

Watch Maddies Speech

Need a little Motivation? Listen as this year’s Trophy Winner, Maddie, tells her story at the FCA All Sports Breakfast on Friday morning. It’s a powerful reminder – Don’t Quit, Never Give Up!

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