The Taylor Haugen Trophy

An Award of Prestige and Honor

Maddie Hiers

2020 Trophy Winner

Addie Strickland

At the 2020 FCA Breakfast, Addie Strickland of Freeport High School was presented the 2020 Taylor Haugen Trophy by Brian Haugen, Kathy Haugen and Danny Wuerffel. After being presented the trophy, Addie shared her “Don’t Quit… Never Give Up” story to over 1,000 high school and middle school students.

Addie is an impressive young woman that exemplifies a balance of T’s character traits: Faith, Community Service, Leadership, Academics, and Athletics. She plays for the Freeport High School basketball team while also running on the track team. Addie will graduate with a 4.1 GPA and almost 500 hours of community service. She has devoted time to serving her community and the people around her. Addie spent time helping with Hurricane Michael relief as well as serving in various ministries at her church. Additionally, she has developed as a leader serving in leadership roles on her basketball team and Freeport Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Addie’s faith and perseverance were noteworthy to the Taylor Haugen Trophy committee. Her relationship with God is of paramount importance in her “Don’t Quit… Never Give Up” story. At the FCA Breakfast, in front of over 1,000 high school and middle school students, Addie shared how she was able to overcome the feeling of self-doubt. As a result of being placed in the foster care system as a toddler and moving homes every two weeks, she was left with the feeling of not belonging. Growing up she struggled with wondering what about her was not good enough for her biological parents to not want to raise her. She continued to feel like she was inadequate and not worthy being loved.

Having a relationship with Jesus and learning of His love, gave Addie the strength to persevere through the thoughts of not being good enough to be loved. While telling her story, Addie said “every day I go to bed knowing that God thinks that I’m worthy enough for Him to send His only Son to die for me. Each day I strive to demonstrate this dedication to Christ by pushing myself to be better in my academics, athletics and faith.” Her story is a motivating example of how to live out T’s motto of “Don’t Quit… Never Give Up.”

Addie will attend Marion Military Institute with plans to transfer to The United States Naval Academy.

Watch Addie’s Speech

This year’s Trophy winner shares an inspiring story about being placed in foster care as a toddler. Listen as she tells her story at the FCA All Sports Breakfast. It’s a powerful reminder – Don’t Quit… Never Give Up!

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