Panama City’s Arnold HS Marlins equipped with EvoShield

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A letter from the Coach Wright:

On behalf of Arnold High School, and our football program, I would like to personally extend our gratitude for honoring us by outfitting all of our players with the EvoShield rib protector shirts. Our administration, football staff and players could not be more proud to be able to represent both the Taylor Haugen Foundation and The St. Joe Community Foundation. We completely understand the gravity of the five year anniversary of losing Taylor, and are humbled by your gift of paying forward the safest rib protection in the athletic world. His enthusiastic and competitive attitude is an inspiration to our team and I know that you will always be his proud parents and biggest fans! I look forward to sharing both individual and team testimonies in the coming months and want you to feel like you are a integral part of our program and my first season here in the “Blue Army”. Please extend our appreciation to your kind board members as well at your next opportunity.

Regards Professionally,

Coach Josh Wright

To date the Taylor Haugen Foundation has equipped over 800 youth through the YESS program.