Kathy and Brian Haugen Awarded “Person of the Year”

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FPRA Award

Kathy and Brian Haugen with the Taylor Haugen Foundation were invited to attend the Annual Board Installation Ceremony of the Northwest Florida Chapter of the Florida Public Relations Association on August 29th, 2017, due to their nomination for the “Person of the Year” award. Each year during the ceremony, the Chapter of FPRA recognizes a professional who has made a significant contribution within the field of public relations and has enriched the well-being of the community.

This year, Kathy and Brian, with the help from Development Coordinator, Olivia Scruggs, were among 5 other nominated individuals ranging in various community organizations for this prestigious award. NWFL FPRA past-president Meagan Richards Harrison announced the nominees explaining how each deserved this award for their outstanding contributions to our community through the field of public relations. Raising a glass of champagne, Megan called out the winner(s) – Kathy and Brian.

In astonishment and tears in their eyes, Kathy and Brian accepted the award with a hidden appreciation for the timing of this honor.
This award was presented to them the night before the 9th anniversary of the passing of their son Taylor Haugen – the reason behind everything they do with the Taylor Haugen Foundation. With such a special award and Godly timing, the foundation’s family, friends and supporters are thankful for this recognition.

Thank you Northwest Florida Chapter of the Florida Public Relations Association for providing Kathy and Brian with such a respected award at such a distinct time.