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NICEVILLE — Don’t quit. Never give up.

That’s the motto of the Taylor Haugen Foundation, and the legacy of the 15-year-old Niceville teen for whom the foundation is named. In August 2008, Haugen, known as “T” to his family and friends, suffered a fatal abdominal injury during a Niceville High School football game.

Rather than surrender to their grief over the loss of their only child, Taylor’s parents, Brian and Kathy, decided to keep his memory alive by working to prevent other young athletes from suffering similar injuries.

The result is the Taylor Haugen Foundation, which Brian and Kathy founded within weeks of Taylor’s passing. The foundation has four main areas of emphasis: the Taylor Haugen Trophy, the Taylor Haugen Scholarship program, the Taylor Haugen Foundation Local Youth Groups, and the Taylor Haugen Foundation YESS Program.

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