ESPN Video of Taylor Haugen’s Life and Legacy

THF Taylor Haugen News

The Taylor Haugen Foundation would like to express our deepest gratitude to ESPN, Tom Rinaldi, and Tim Tebow for sharing the story of Taylor’s exceptional life so beautifully.

“I think the thing that stands out and presents itself to anybody who comes into contact with the Haugen family and with those involved with their foundation is love. The power of Taylor’s legacy is shaped and defined by that word, love. What the Haugens have tried to do is give that love a shape and a reach, the reach that they believe that their son was meant to achieve with his life. They believe that Taylor was a loving and giving soul and that he had already found some purpose in his life in the giving out and outreach in his life that he was already doing, whether it be coaching kids that were younger than him or charity work in his church. I marvel at the family’s strength and their desire to carry on their son’s spirit.” – Tom Rinaldi, ESPN