Taylor Haugen Trophy Club

Pay it Forward and Give Back

This is an invitation for you to join many other notable members of our community as a member of the Taylor Haugen Foundation Trophy Club. As you recall, the Taylor Haugen Foundation honors young Taylor Haugen who died while playing football in 2008. This is your opportunity to pay it forward and give back to deserving students in our community the specially designed bronzed Taylor Haugen Trophy and monetary award. The Trophy stands 26″ Tall and 25LBS of a Bronzed Eagle taking to flight on a ribbon, based on Isaiah 40:3031. This celebrated trophy stands for all of Taylor’s wonderful qualities – devotion to faith, family, friends, academics and sports.

Trophy Club Levels:

Individuals – $100 Annually
Businesses – $200 Annually

Your Tax-Deductible contribution to the foundation enables us to continue the mission of recognizing faith based student athletes who have overcome, preserved and dynamically improved their sport over the course of time. These future leaders are community-oriented and respected team players that live up to Taylor’s credo: “Don’t Quit-Never Give Up”

Become a Club Member

Club Members

Dr. Brent Bartruff
Kevin and Tammie Bowyer
Tricia Brunson
Dr. Steven Donchey
Dr. Tom and Nancy Fox
Bryan and Heather Kilbey
Philippe and Gail Miceli
Dr. Joseph and Kim Pedone
Scott and Carrie Summerlin
Caise and Linda Vickery
Cliff “Bo” Burns- State Farm Insurance
Danny’s Fried Chicken
Dairy Queen of Niceville
Michael and Linda Anderson
David and Susan Morrow
Virginia, Lind & Associates
Gustin, Cothern & Tucker, Inc.
Dr. William Marshall
Chris Sehman-Helen Back
Susan Leger
Tonya Holman
Bernard and Lisa Johnson
Donald and Judy Haugen
Pam and Mark Denney
Brian and Kathy Haugen
Fred and Nancy Leopold
Dr. John and Susan Chaney
Joe Oder/Oder Consulting
Lee and Lisa Lewis
John and Cathy Tondello
Jeff and Heather Jourdan
Vicki Stokes
Dick and Deena Sehlin
Randy and Suzanne Cumbie
Brag and Domenica Farmer
Gary and Phyllis Higgins
Dr. Mark and Brigitte Katzenstein
Dr. William and Terri Markowski
Gratien Miceli
Ricky and Larisa Perry
John and Jennifer Propps
Lorena Spillar
Brian and Corinne Walsh
Jeffery McInnis
Allan Quigley
Knights of Columbus
Lynn Clemmons Steele


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