The Taylor Haugen Foundation is a non-denominational organization but we need to mention the Crosspoint UMC Memorial Fund support for reasons to follow.

Taylor’s life centered around the four “Fs” of Faith, Family, Friends, and Football and Crosspoint UMC was home for his spiritual community.

Through the years at Crosspoint UMC Taylor discovered Christ as his personal savior. He was confirmed and baptized by the loving hands of then Middle School Minister, Mary Sirico and Pastor Kevin Kelly. His faith continued to develop through Student Minister, Billy Russell and fruitful experiences like Sabbath and Nexus where Billy mixed Faith with another “F” called FUN!

When Taylor’s life ended so unexpectedly the Crosspoint UMC family of pastors and ministers, including Pastor Lew Wilder, were by the family’s side. And those at the funeral remember the loving words of Sr. Pastor Rurel Ausley that provided a healing balm to the thousands of wounded hearts listening that day.

A memorial fund was founded at Crosspoint UMC in Taylor’s name to fund youth based camps, retreats, missions and sports activites at the community life center. In addition, Crosspoint UMC has extended its prayers and resources to support the foundation when needed. For this and its enduring support to the Haugen Family the Taylor Haugen Foundation extends our deepest gratitude.